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I have following regulare expression string

(\d+)(((.|,)\d+)+)?(ms|s| ms| s)

It validates if user entered a correct string for milliseconds and seconds. Example of possible values are

  • 100ms
  • 100s
  • 100 ms
  • 100 s
  • 52.55 s

for further operations I need to seperate out the string and the number, for example, if value entered is 123.45ms I should get 123.45 and ms.

As of now I'm only getting the number and string is lost!

I can split the numbers and string in two different steps, but I'm interested in doing at once, any suggetions how can I do it?

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You use groups:

        string s = "123.45ms";
        Match m = Regex.Match(s, @"(\d+([.,]\d+)?) *(ms|s)");

        if (m.Success)
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You are very close. You are already specifying match groups. Have a look at Match.Groups property.

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I think you are indeed getting the number and unit, the problem is it's getting put into a larger array element than you think. I would suggest amending your regex to:


Now you will have your number's integer at 1, decimal if it exists at 2 (or if not it will be empty) and unit at 3. It's a little tidier and you won't get the space in your unit anymore.

Alternatively you could use:


if you always want your number at index 1 and unit at 2.

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Don't put | in character classes unless you mean it, also no need to escape . in them. –  Qtax Nov 30 '11 at 7:58

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