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I'm creating some custom cells for a grouped table. Cells have dynamic height which I calculate inside heightForRowAtIndexPath.

When heightForRowAtIndexPath is called, the cell's contentView frame is {0, 0, 287, 44} (it has a disclosure button) where I then calculate the height according to the width of the contentView.

BUT when the cell is added to table, its contentView is being changed to {10, 1, 267, 53} without a new call to heightForRowAtIndexPath - which completely changes my layout and results with overflowing text.

How can I determine the correct width of the contentView for a grouped table? My only idea is to hardcode the values, but I prefer to calculate everything dynamically.

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I've also had trouble relying on the size of the content view. As you've observed, it is not consistent and it changes with time. I've ended up hardcoding things which as you mention is an ugly solution, but I became too frustrated trying to get anything else to work. I just made sure to encapsulate my hardcoded values in a single routine in case I need to revisit it in the future (this does seem like something that might break in a new OS version). –  Ron Dec 1 '11 at 5:10
That's what I did as well, but I still prefer an elegant solution if possible. For now I calculate my text assuming the cell width is 310 (instead of 320 in a plain table) –  Gilad Dec 1 '11 at 20:00

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