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How to make application listen to device's shakes? I mean not the only activity in the app, but all of them.I used TabActivity and did all the logic of registering/unregistering SensorManager here and also implemented it as SensorEventListener to detect shakes. Then activities in tabs listened for custom OnShakeListener, declared in my TabActivity. but this logic lead to crash. Was I right choosing this way of implementation and should look for mistakes? OR Should I use a Service instead to get what I want? Or is there any other way?

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If you are doing something specific to each activity with that data then it doesn't make sense to me to use a common listener. If you are just wanting to log that data or something no matter what activity you are on, then a service might make sense. –  Craigy Nov 30 '11 at 13:51

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Implement shake listener (SensorEventListener) in one abstract Activity (say: ShakeListenerActivity) and get all other Activity extending you ShakeListenerActivity.

define an abstract method (say: shakeDetected(Params...)) in ShakeListenerActivity and override it in all child Activities.

In child Activity's shakeDetected(Params...) you can implement different logic accordingly.

call shakeDetected() whenever you detect any shake through SensorEventListener

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Thanks a lot. I tried this way with no success.May be I was wrong with choosing the place to register/unregister SensorManager... Where should I do it using this way? in TabActivity or any else? –  charley_chaplin Nov 30 '11 at 7:59
register it in onCreate() and unregister it in onDestroy() of ShakeListenerActivity –  Adil Soomro Nov 30 '11 at 8:04

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