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Using single transaction when processing the datasets, I would like to change the order my datasets currently appear under the folder Datasets. Is it possible to move up or down any created dataset? I didn't manage to do it so far, and I'm not very enthusiast in creating my 25 DS again...

thanks in advance

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Take a backup first!

On the menu: View-Code. This will put you into the XML view of your report.

Search for the <Datasets> tag. Select the dataset to move by cutting from the tag <DataSet NAME="MyDataSet"> to the closing </DataSet> tag. Paste where you would like it to be. Your datasets will be re-ordered in the dataset dropdown.

On the menu View-Designer to get back to the report designer.

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I think that is needed to reopen report after saving and closing xml. I need to do that –  veljasije Feb 6 '13 at 12:01

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