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I need to calculate the average pixel value in a region of interest that I defined on a CT image. I used imfreehand to draw the ROI, but I do not know how to go ahead with the pixel values calculation. Can anyone help me?

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How about this?

Make some data:

>> im = [rand(200,200),rand(200,200)*2];

Display it and select an ROI using imfreehand:

>> imagesc(im)
>> h = imfreehand;


Make a mask from the ROI:

>> mask = createMask(h);

Just to show what's happened, make the region outside the ROI NaN, and display:

>> im(~mask) = NaN;
>> figure; imagesc(im)


Calculate the mean of the pixels inside the ROI (which is bigger than 0.5, since I selected a region over to one side of the middle):

>> mean(im(mask))
ans =

Hope that helps!

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Okay, so masks are always binary? Cuz When I create a mask and display it, it automatically shows a binary image. How do I go about dealing with that? –  Matlab_beginner Dec 1 '11 at 2:23
Ohh I got it.. Makes sense! Though createMask did not work for me. I don't know if you wrote it as a function or just as a step for me to understand. I basically used the following code, h=roipoly(i) Once I created the ROI, I right clicked on it to convert it into a mask. imshow(h) will display the binary mask av=mean(i(h)) Thanks again :) –  Matlab_beginner Dec 1 '11 at 3:34

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