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An unexpected error occurred while compiling expressions. Native compiler return value: '[BC30494] Line is too long.'.

When RS throws this error, the typical scenario appears to be that there are too many text boxes on a specific data region; and the only known measure seems to be to 'minify' text box names (ie. rename TextBox345 to T345).

My report is not that large (<100 text boxes); but I make extensive use of the Lookup() function to set many of the textbox style properties from a styles dataset (>2500 Lookup() calls).

So my guess is that the VB code-behind that gets generated for the Lookup() function is quite verbose and therefore breaks the 64K limit for a generated VB code block per data region.

  1. Can I test my hypothesis? Ie. is there a way I can inspect the generated VB code?

  2. Any suggestions as to how to fix/dodge this problem? Needless to say that using abbreviated names in my case didn't cut it.

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