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In my android app ,I need to convert raw pcm data (wav file) to different music type because the pcm file is 40mb for 4-5 min.

Does anyone can recommend to what type i need to convert? mp3? amr? aac?

and also how can i convert because from what i read there is no library in java for conversion? maybe a good tutorial you used?

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Let me answer different parts of your questions
Recommended compression format for audio
MP3 or AAC compression format is suited for music content and AMR is better suited for speech content.

Method of conversion (compression)
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and below does not expose media encoders as a JAVA API. So in these Android versions, best option is to use external compression library like FFMPEG or FAAC through JNI API.

More details about using FFMPEG is at FFMPEG on Android

In Android 4.1 version (Jelly Bean version), Media encoder APIs have been exposed as a java API and can be used from Java application.

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