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How do I go about modelling recursive optional dependency? Like a product may be comprised of other products? but can also be sold alone. I'd like to be able query a chimeric product from the top down i.e. from the parent to children as opposed to querying children who have the same parents, which is what my current design solution does.

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sqlblog.com/blogs/john_paul_cook/archive/2009/11/06/… has a really good discussion of this. –  Neville K Nov 30 '11 at 11:09

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You need the bill of materials pattern for this type of requirement. The comment by Neville K points to a good blog about bill of materials.

In order to make it easier to work with the unlevel tree structure that such a design involves, you can use a physical implementation technique called visitation numbers, which I describe in some detail in my answer to this question.

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