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Are there any string replace methods that will replace anything between 2 positions, i.e. range.

When a user highlights a string of text in a textarea I'm able to get the start and end position. I now want to replace that text that's highlighted.

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You can use substrings:

var newString = 
    originalString.substring(0, startIndex) +
    myReplacementString +

You could also use regex:

var rx = new RegExp('^([\\s\\S]{' + startIndex + '})[\\s\\S]{' + (endIndex - startIndex) + '}([\\s\\S]*)$');
var newString = originalString.replace(rx, '$1' + myReplacementString + '$2');

... but I would prefer substrings, in this scenario.

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Take a look at the code at this url:

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The site is in Russian, and from a Google translate, it's still not quite clear how to use that site to address the problem at hand. I don't find this answer very helpful, as it is right now. – David Hedlund Nov 30 '11 at 10:56

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