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How I can get documents ordered by key1 (ascending) and key2 (descending) in a view?

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Just to be clear, when you say sort by key1 and key2, you mean "sort by key1 and use key2 to break the ties" right? –  drxzcl Nov 30 '11 at 12:19
example in SQL ->"SELECT * FROM my_table ORDER BY key1 ASC, key2 DESC" –  barroco Nov 30 '11 at 16:48

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Very interesting question, the only answer I can think of is to write a map function that emits as key an array containing the asc key and the "opposite" of the desc key:

emit([doc.ascKey, opposite(doc.descKey)], doc);

The opposite function should iterate characters of the desc key to calculate the "alphabetical opposite" of them; for simplicity in ASCII it would be something like this pseudo-code snippet:

var oppositeStr = "";
for (char in str) {
  oppositeStr += chr(255 - char);

My solution is just speculative, but may also work! Maybe someone has a better idea?

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