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I am trying to play a rtsp video using a video view, it works well, play the video but there are problems which i am facing:

  1. It is not buffering the video, e.g. i watched the video for 2 mins and now i want to play it from one minute back again. I used the slider for going back to 1 min but when i do this it re buffers the video again.

  2. When the video playback is completed it throws an error-48 every time in stead of calling onCompletion.

Here is my code for playing the video:

String videoPath = "rtsp url";

Please suggest, what should i do to avoid/resolve these problems.

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have you set onCompletionListener. setOnCompletionListener(OnCompletionListener). –  N-JOY Nov 30 '11 at 11:30
Yes, I have done that. I have setup both errorListener and onCompletion methods. –  mudit Nov 30 '11 at 11:36

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  1. It is streaming method of video delivery. Video players shouldn't buffering video. They can't do "seek" in buffered data, for example.
  2. May be, it is server problem.
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