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I have a Perl script that launches threads while a certain expression is verified.

while ($launcher == 1) {
    # do something
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&proxy, $parameters);
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&ping, $parameters);
    push @threads, threads ->create(\&dns, $parameters);
    # more threads
    foreach (@threads) {

The first cycle runs fine but at the second one the script exits with the following error:

Thread already joined at launcher.pl line 290. Perl exited with active threads: 1 running and unjoined 0 finished and unjoined 0 running and detached

I guess I shall clean @threads but how can I do that? I am not even sure if this is the problem.

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It might not be your only problem, but that would definitely be a problem. The first time through the loop you join @threads[0..2]. Then you try to join @threads[0..5], of which three threads have already been joined. – flesk Nov 30 '11 at 11:50
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Just clear @threads at the end of the loop:

@threads = ();

Or better, declare @threads with my at the beginning of the loop:

while ($launcher == 1) {
    my @threads;
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I guess you put it more elegantly than me. There's a typo in one of your mentions of @threads though. – flesk Nov 30 '11 at 12:57
That actually worked! I don't know why but I thought it was much more difficult than that lol, many thanks! – raz3r Nov 30 '11 at 14:37

The easiest solution would be to create the array inside the while loop (while {my @threads; ...}), unless you need it anywhere else. Otherwise you could just @threads = () or @threads = undef at the end of the while loop.

You could also set a variable my $next_thread; outside the while loop and then assign $next_thread = @threads first thing in the while loop and change your foreach loop to

for my $index ($next_thread .. $#threads) {

or skip that and just loop over a slice of the last three added threads

for (@threads[-3..-1) {
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