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jQuery Tools includes a flashembed API which accepts many parameters. Is there one which accepts callback function and fires after the success state of the flash player load event?


Information: official website.

Note: This is possible in Google swfobject library as below:


function callBack(event){ event after successful display of code

But I need to use only flashembed. Can you please help me here?

Thanks in Advance :)

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The flashembed method has an onFail argument which takes a callback as a value:

   src: flashSWF,
   width: 500,
   height: 300,
   wmode: "opaque",
   cachebusting: "false",
   allowscriptaccess: "always",
   api: "false",
   scale: "noscale",
   menu: "false",
   onFail: flasherror("#flash")

It inadvertently fires on both success AND failure. Search for the , character to distinguish between the two states. On error, it shows up as the delimiter in the version string, such as 11,0 rather than 11.0:

function flashError(domnode, newtext){

function failState()
  if ($(domnode).html().search(/,/) !== -1) //player failed to load
    newtext = $(domnode).html(); // store default error string
    $(domnode).append(newtext.replace(/,/g,".")); // replace comma with period
    if ($(domnode).hasClass("flashmsg") === false)
      $(domnode).addClass("flashmsg"); // add class to custom error element
    //success logic

// observer constructor
var cursor =
typeof window.hasOwnProperty === "function" ?
    ? new WebKitMutationObserver(startValidation)
    : window.hasOwnProperty("MutationObserver")
      ? new MutationObserver(startValidation)
      : false
        : false

//Use observer event if it exists
if (cursor)       
  //Bind observer event to text child of the dom node
  cursor.observe($(domnode).get(0), { childList: true } );
//Use mutation event as a fallback
else if (!!document.addEventListener)
  $(domnode).get(0).addEventListener("DOMNodeInserted", failState, false); 
//Use readystatechange event for legacy IE
  $(domnode).get(0).attachEvent("onreadystatechange", failState);


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