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I want to use a query like:

select * from test

where data in the column has alphanumeric values.

e.g. if column rollno has values like 20,30,40,50C,30F, then how do I find the values which have 50C and 30F types of values?

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If your data is varchar2 and you want to validate it against a pattern, you can use the REGEXP_LIKE function

For instance, to select the fields that are digits followed by non digit characters, you can use:

select * from table
where regexp_like(field, '^\d+\D+$');

From your list, this will return 50C and 30F

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Thanks a lot.. Awesome.. – Anubhav Aeron Nov 30 '11 at 12:48

You can use ISNUMERIC in SQL Server 2008:

FROM    myTabet
WHERE   ISNUMERIC (myColumn) = 0
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