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I format string (in overloading operator str) and i don't want to use raw \n or \r\n tags. Have python cross-platform newline identifier like std::endl in C++?

I trying to google it, but don't found answer.

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How about using os.linesep? It contains the appropriate line separator for your OS:

>>> import os
>>> os.linesep
>>> print "line one" + os.linesep + "line two"
line one
line two
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Yeah, it is! Great thanks. –  Reddy Nov 30 '11 at 14:06

No. Use \n. And in C++, std::endl is nothing other than "\n" << std::flush, and it is not more cross-platform, whatever that would mean. It's only slower, as it forces flushing.

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There is nothing wrong with using \n - why don't you want to use it? The cross-platform problem is only relevant when writing to files, and the file-object takes care of that for you.

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