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i built an app that continues to work (listen to mic input) after screen is locked.

i use "AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord"

the app was received in the appstore and works perfectly.

i recently downloaded the new Xcode (ver 4.2 build 4C199) for snow leopard.

i am now working on an update and noticed that it doesn't continue to work once the screen is locked,

i reverted to the exact same code that is in the appstore and if i run it from the Xcode (on device or simulator)

it behaves differently and doesn't work once the auto screen lock kicks in!

i don't know how to resolve this

any suggestions?


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Any errors, logs, etc? –  Macmade Nov 30 '11 at 12:37
no, it works as always, until the lock screen kicks in, if i slide to unlock it resumes fine. it also works fine when silence switch is activated (as it always did) –  user1058640 Nov 30 '11 at 12:43
There should be nothing to do with what Xcode your using to cause a problem like this. Is there a different version of iOS is on your device when it does work and when it doesn't work? –  mattjgalloway Nov 30 '11 at 16:46
no, i have ver 5.0.1 and the app store version works great, i don't know if it's the Xcode but thats the only thing that changed! maybe there is some parameter that i compile with that is different? what param could cause this? –  user1058640 Dec 1 '11 at 5:59
anyone? i opened a bug report with apple ages ago, still no help –  user1058640 Dec 12 '11 at 10:20

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