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I want to design a system that a user can define class, object, attribute and value flexibly and objects can bound to class(es) then get attributes of class and then have values for each attribute.

I want to set multiple value for some attribute for example if an object has 2 phone number for 2 place (phone and number are attributes of Location Class) I want to know that which phone is for which place for 1 object? What is the best designing?

My design is like bellow:

  • Class: Id, Name
  • Object: Id, Name
  • ClassObject: Id, ClassId, ObjectId
  • Attribute: Id, Name, ClassId
  • Value: Id, ClassObjectId, AttributeId, Value
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Please help me as soon as possible !!! –  FS-DBA Dec 7 '11 at 5:58

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Answer to your design question:
In order to associate the phone and place you have to use an additional class "place" and give the attribute "phone" to class "place". An instance of class "location" may have 2 instances of class "place".

This requires that you have another two tables:

  • "link": Id, SourceId, TargetId,RelationId
  • "relation": Id, SourceClassId, TargetClassId, Name

Btw. Your metamodel is interesting: it is very flexible by allowing an object to belong to multiple classes.
Hence you can express: Object "Arnold Schwarzenegger" belongs to classes: BodyBuilder, Immigrnt, Actor, Book Author, Businessman, Politician.

On the other hand you have no inheritance / subtype relationship between classes. It seems that you have no explicit value type declaration in your attribute definition.

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