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I have a list related to multiclient chat server problem. This is the list ['talk', client_n, message]. How can I send 'message' to 'client_n' from the server in twisted python using transport.write()?

I wrote the code in two ways. But both are not working.

1st way:

  data = data.strip()
  dat1 = data.split()
  dat2 = ' '.join(dat1)
  l = dat2[5:12]
  m = dat2[13:]

2nd way:

 data = data.strip()
 dat1 = data.split()
 l1 = dat1[1]
 m1 = dat1[2]
 if l1 in self.factory.clients:

But in both I got attribute error.

exceptions.AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'transport'

Can anybody give me a solution for this, please?

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What is self.factory.clients? Is it perhaps a dictionary? Do you really want to do something like:

client = self.factory.clients.get(client_n)
if client:
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I am not an expert, but maybe you should consider to serialize and deserialize your list through JSON ?

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