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I am a student currently doing my thesis and I would like to have access to open source software, however they need to have a Swing GUI. It would be great if they also have different versions as well. Does any of you maybe know a site where these type of applications can be found please? your help is really appreciated.

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For example: – bezmax Nov 30 '11 at 12:57

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Here are some ideas:

I'm sure you can find a lot of interesting and good quality projects on these open source hosting platforms.

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Take a look on JMeter. It is open source application that has UI written using Swing.

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If you are mainly interested in the Swing GUI and not so much in what the application actually does, you might want to look at the source of all evil:

SwingSet3 is a demonstrator for the Swing GUI, check out versions 1 and 2 also so you'll have an entire development path through three main versions with innumerable revisions.

The same basic type of app can be found in the SwingX Demonatrator. Incidentally, both of these are emphatically encouraged to browse through if you want to learn more of the inner workings of Swing / SwingX.

Thirdly, the demo application on Java Practices is a more standard application (it actually does something), while also being very well written and documented.

Hope these help.

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