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I've executed the scbuild.ps1 in this manner

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\ProductionTools
Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted
cd <location of dll and xml docs>
scbuild -framework 2.0 -sources <comma separated dlls and xml doc> -BuildWebsite

however, it appears that scbuild.ps1 creates xml doc for MS Core libs (System.*).

How can I prevent the additional step of building the xmldoc of core libraries?

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From reading the documentation on the scbuild.ps1 script it appears the -sources parameter requires the xml doc.

-Sources {files} -- comma separated list of files that should be added to the output, both assemblies and related comment files. To build, you must specify at least one assembly and comment file.
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-sources refers list of dll and xmldoc that will serve as reference to create documentation – OnesimusUnbound Nov 30 '11 at 15:09

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