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I have had a repository with the following layout:


Now I have moved trunk to the root of the repository (using the TortoiseSVN repo browser) and changed the repository name (using SVNManager):


I have a working copy folder which contains everything in trunk. It has several changed files. I told TortoiseSVN to use the new repository name with the Relocate... command.

However, if I try to do a commit now, it will still commit to


How do I correct the path to which it should commit?

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I'm more used to doing this with the command-line, but it sounds like you got the relocate wrong. The command line syntax would be

svn switch --relocate //server/wrongname/superfluousdir/ //server/correctname/

i.e. from-path, to-path. I guess Tortoise got the two mixed up and really did

svn switch --relocate //server/wrongname/ //server/correctname/

i.e. with the wrong from path.

I think at this point you should try the switch option: that should give you //server/correctname/superfluousdir/trunk/ which you can edit to the correct path.

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A switch worked easy as cake. Thanks. –  Felix Dombek Nov 30 '11 at 14:34

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