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I wish to create custom control with Items property.

Is it safe to return class ItemColection that implements IList<Item>, because i didn't saw this in any prebuilt controls?

What's the best way to implement this?

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There is no problem to create a property of type inherited from ILIst for a control. But if you are building a control it's better to make your property editable with PropertyGrid in design time. To make it editable you should create your own collection of items inherited from CollectionBase and create a property of that type.

Check out this article: Creating a Custom Collection for Use in a PropertyGrid

And after that don't forget to make your Items property editable in design time by setting appropriate attributes:

[Browsable(true), DesignerSerializationVisibility(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Content)]
public YourItemsCollection Items
    get { ... }
    set { ... }
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Yes, you can use pretty much anything. A Form is (just) a class.

That you don't see examples is mostly due to the fact that WinForms is a .NET 1.0 technology. Very few additions or changes since then.

And unless you need specific functionality, just keep it simple:

public IList<ItemType> ItemsCollection  { get ...   set ... }
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+1 - in general though you don't need a setter on a collection property. – TrueWill Nov 30 '11 at 14:07
Right, or make it private. I left it a little schematic, don't want to read things into the question. – Henk Holterman Nov 30 '11 at 14:08

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