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In my application,I use many setTimeout function,so I am afraid if it will cause peformance problem:

  // do something

And I found people use this manner:

var t=setTimeout(function(){
  // do something

I wonder if it is necessary?

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No, object will be destroyed automatically (at least should be). You need to call clearTimeout when you need to remove already set timeout.

Ex: you have set timeout to 5 seconds on hovering some element but user moves out cursor from element before timeout elapsed - so you need to remove already initialized timeout.

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No this is not necessary. Use clearTimeout() to un-schedule a timeout that's still in the future (i.e. to prevent it from happening).

Clearing a timeout after it has happened (or while it is happening) has no positive effect.

This will suffice.

  // do something
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No, it's not. The variable is only needed if you need to cancel the timeout before it happens. Calling clearTimeout from inside the callback has no effect, as there is no longer a timeout to stop.

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only if you want to cancel it before it happens - which you'll never be able to stop with a delay of 0...

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