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I've used symfony 1.4 and Doctrine to build a sort of mini-CMS. It uses a database to store the different pages and categories.

Now I've added another connection to databases.yml, in order to retrieve client info.

I would like to indicate to symfony that that database is read-only, and that it should never ever write to it.

For the moment, I've created a user on the 2nd database that can only read, it seems to do the trick even though commands like doctrine:build --all still try to write in it.

EDIT : Thanks to Pascal's answer, I use events to tell doctrine to use only one db for the task sfDoctrineDropDbTask.

  public function setup()
    $this->dispatcher->connect('command.filter_options', array($this, 'filterCommandOptions'));

  public function filterCommandOptions(sfEvent $event, $options)

    if ('sfDoctrineDropDbTask' === get_class($event->getSubject()))
      $options = array('base1');
    elseif ('sfDoctrineBuildDbTask' === get_class($event->getSubject()))
      $options = array('base1');

    elseif ('sfDoctrineDataDumpTask' === get_class($event->getSubject()))
      $options = array('base1');
    //elseif ('sfDoctrineInsertSqlTask' === get_class($event->getSubject()))
      //$options = array('base1');
    elseif ('sfDoctrineCreateModelTables' === get_class($event->getSubject()))
      $options = array('base1');

    return $options;

This trick does not seem to work for the other tasks :

  • doctrine:data-dump still reads both databases,
  • doctrine still tries to write during a doctrine:build --all task
  • sfDoctrineInsertSqlTask complains that I gave too many options.
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you could force the name of the database doctrine:build --all can drop using events.

check this : https://gist.github.com/582306

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Very nice, symfony no longers try to drop the db ! Where can I find other command name, like "sfDoctrineDropDbTask" ? – Manu Nov 30 '11 at 15:25
found them. weird, doesn't work for sfDoctrineInsertSqlTask – Manu Nov 30 '11 at 15:29
(Too many arguments given) – Manu Nov 30 '11 at 15:29

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