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In my JSF application I have one JSP page which keeps generating a warning which sometimes gets rendered. In the log files I can see something like this:

WARNING: getClientId should not be called while the view is being constructed. 
         Component-ID: j_id18

The component which generates the warning looks like this:

<tr:panelCaptionGroup captionText="Jobs">
<tr:poll pollListener="#{jobBean.update}" id="poll" interval="#{msg.cfg_pollingInterval}" />
<tr:table allDetailsEnabled="true" partialTriggers="::poll ::groupFilter">
  <f:facet name="detailStamp" >
    <tr:table var="trg" value="#{subbean}" >
  <tr:commandLink  />
  <tr:column />

Could it be an issue with polling in the table?

I'm using Trinidad 2.0.0. I've tried the option org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.CLIENT_ID_CACHING in web.xml and I observe the behavior with all options ON, OFF and DEBUG.

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As it seems, there was a NPE occurring somewhere while creating a dropdown in the screen. The code has been fixed, and the warning doesn't appear any more.

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My solution was to refresh any parent programatically in a backing bean prior to ending up in this state.

Note, it looks like this message was added to java/org/apache/myfaces/trinidad/component/ in May 2010 at revision 942933 to prevent and NPE when clientId is null.

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Nice research, do you have a link for that? How did you programmatically refresh the parents? Your answer may very well be valid, but please elaborate when you answer on a question! – Stephan Bijzitter Jan 28 at 21:51

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