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I want to put a banner across the top of a webpage. The first way I tried I couldn't get the two divs to position each other properly. They weren't offsetting from the middle (using the same technique that a single, static div would) and one was below the other.

Here's the code http://jsfiddle.net/AndyMP/wFutk

I then managed to do it a different, easier way http://jsfiddle.net/AndyMP/TJjwp/1/

But of course it is bugging me that I couldn't get the first method to work. Any guidance would be appreciated, in particular how to offset correctly from the middle of the container div.

(**Edit: I should add that I did this in IE9 and you might need to adjust the size of the preview pane in jsfiddle to see it all)

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One was below the other because you were using position: relative (Specification). In that mode, the divs are first layed out using normal flow and then offset. So top: 2px was offsetting each one 2 pixels below where it would normally be.

Use position: absolute on the two inner divs instead.

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Using the float property seems to be a really good idea here


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