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There are at least two mongo db plug-ins for Play! Framework, PlayMorphia and Mongo 1.3.

What is the recommended plug-in, and if there is other, what about them?

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Use the morphia module. It has more functionality, uses another well tested library and is in a way better shape.

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consider also reading this article if you are interested in Play Framework 2.0, which was released recently: http://nesbot.com/2011/11/28/play-2-morphia-logging-error

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I've recently written a mongodb plugin for play (scala)


have a look!

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All those two is for play 1.x . If you use play 2.x you can give play-salat or Play-ReactiveMongo a try.

play-salat : https://github.com/leon/play-salat

Play-ReactiveMongo: https://github.com/ReactiveMongo/Play-ReactiveMongo

By the way Leon Radley ,when play-salat will support play 2.2 version??

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