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I am trying to select an element from the following html code:

<ul class="selectReplace opened">
<li class="default">Standardpizzor</li>
<li class="first">Standardpizzor</li>
<li class="">Specialpizzor</li>
<li class="">Kebab</li>
<li class="last">Dricker</li>

by Selenium RC command:"//ul/li[4]");

but no luck! Please help me out if anybody have any solution.

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What happens when this code runs? – Ross Patterson Dec 2 '11 at 14:03
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If I understand correctly, you want the text 'Dricker' to be selected. You can use the approach suggested here.

    function selectElementContents(el,start,end) { 
        var sel = window.getSelection(); 
        var range = window.document.createRange();     
        range.setStart(el,start); range.setEnd(el,end); 
        sel.removeAllRanges(); sel.addRange(range); 
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