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I have 2 pages: index.php and form1.php. In my index.php I have a button which has function to load content of form1.php on div:


On form1.php y have a form and a button named btnSend. On index i'm using this:


but when loaded, this button doesn't have the style or functionality of the implemented script. And I haven't realized why.

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the code doesn't seem to be correct, try posting the full corrected code for more accurancy – Naoise Golden Nov 30 '11 at 16:43

You probably need to use the live function in jQuery.

Also, if the ajax loaded content is within an iframe, the styles need to be called from within the loaded site again.

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I think that the .button() will have already been executed when index.php loads. It will not execute again after form1.php has loaded. The .load() function has a callback parameter which will execute after the content has loaded. You should add the $("#btnSend").button() to that callback function instead.

For example:

$("#divcontent").empty().load('form1.php', function(response, status, xhr) {
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I Found the answer.

Just tried this code

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