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I'm working on a JavaScript testing plugin for Grails. I wrote some Groovy classes to perform the testing that I've stored in my src/groovy folder. I hook into the testing events in my plugin's _Events.groovy script and inject an instance of the test runner. From that instance of the test runner, I need to access the JavaScript files, which I've stored in src/js, to perform the testing.

The plugin documentation specifies a way to get the path from my Gant scripts, but that doesn't work elsewhere. I've also tried to get access to the GrailsApplication via grailsApplication or ApplicationHolder, but I get null. Finally, I've tried accessing BuildSettings and ConfigurationHolder, but those show me an empty configuration.

To make my plugin work, I am currently copying the JavaScript files into the application's test/resources folder so it's in a known location relative to the working directory, which I'm assuming is the project folder. This feels invasive and fragile to me, so I'd like to figure out a "right" way.

How can I get a path to my plugin from my test runner so I can find those files?

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Instead of copying the files in, now I'm just passing in the plugin location from the _Events script to my test runner's constructor. This way is much cleaner, but still feels contrived to me. – Adam Stegman Dec 1 '11 at 17:37

If you have the BuildSettings and the pluginManager bean (either dependency-injected with def pluginManager or via PluginManagerHolder) then you can get the path with

new File(buildSettings.projectPluginsDir, pluginManager.getPluginPath('foo'))
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I can't seem to get an instance of the plugin manager. PluginManagerHolder.currentPluginManager() throws an IllegalStateException because there is no plugin manager. I would assume it's because I'm calling this from a file in src instead of something that has a context. – Adam Stegman Dec 1 '11 at 0:20
What's the path of the call - is it during a request, or a new thread? Or from the commandline outside of Gant? – Burt Beckwith Dec 1 '11 at 0:23
The call originates in _TestApp.groovy, since it's invoked from grails test-app. I hook into the testing events in my plugin's _Events script and inject an instance of my class in src/groovy. I'll add that to the question. – Adam Stegman Dec 1 '11 at 17:32

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