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I am creating a 3D Secure PHP Project. I am having a rather bizzare issue in that the "MD" code is going missing when re-submitting the Array of data

My code is as follows :

$paRes = $_REQUEST['PaRes'];
$md = $_REQUEST['MD'];

require "payment_method_3d.php";


* For Debugging Purposes
* Only.

echo "The Value Of PaRes is : ";
echo $paRes;

$soapClient = new SoapClient("https://www.secpay.com/java-bin/services/SECCardService?wsdl");

$params = array (
    'mid'           => '',
    'vpn_pswd'      => '',
    'trans_id'      => 'TRAN0095', // Transaction ID MUST match what was sent in payment_cc_new file
    'md'            => $md,
    'paRes'         => $paRes,
    'options'       => ''

It seems that the $_REQUEST['MD'] string seems to go missing AFTER the soap call. Although I am having difficulty print this out to the screen. The strange thing is the $paRes variable works without issue.

Any ideas why this would be the case?

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this is very hard to determine without all of the code, what is the value of $md after the soap call? is it possible that payment_method_3d has a $md variable? –  David Nguyen Nov 30 '11 at 17:02
echo $md; BEFORE the Soap call. Did it exist? –  Hossein Nov 30 '11 at 17:06

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Check your case. PHP array keys are case sensitive. From this little bit of code it looks as if the request variable may be 'md' instead of 'MD'.

Try $md = $_REQUEST['md'];

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PHP array statements are case sensitive, so this should work:.... $md = $_REQUEST['md'];

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Thanks for your responses guys.

What was happening was the include page was sitting in front of the request methods and causing issues loading the REQUEST methods to the page.

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