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Exchange Autodiscovery will give me the user's Display Name via the UserSettingName.UserDisplayName property.

However, in cases where autodiscovery fails and connection needs to be done manually I can't figure out how to get the DisplayName.

I tried this, but I just get the users' email address:

 _service = new ExchangeService();
 _service.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(exchangeSettings.EmailAddress, exchangeSettings.Password);
 _service.Url = new Uri(exchangeSettings.ExternalEwsUrl);

 NameResolutionCollection resolvedNames = _service.ResolveName(exchangeSettings.EmailAddress);
 exchangeSettings.UserDisplayName = resolvedNames.First().Mailbox.Name;


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If your going to use ResolveName and you want the displayName you should use the overload to specify that the operation should return the AD contact information then you can just use the DisplayName property eg

       NameResolutionCollection ncCol = service.ResolveName("",ResolveNameSearchLocation.DirectoryOnly,true);

Cheers Glen

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Sweet. This works great. Thanks. – tig Dec 5 '11 at 15:46

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