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I would like to read my Google Plus Feed with an php site and list all entrys in an array.... Now I found the explanation site of Google

But I dont understand what I have to do?!? Can anybody give me a hint or an example, how to read my own newfeed from google + with an php coded site?

thank you in advance

regards Dennis

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Well, I think it is better you to use the google-api-php-client which has methods to easily access content on Google Plus from PHP.

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yeah that should help... thank you.. thats what i was looking for... if somebody got some ready code to share, it would be helpful :-) – Dennis Weidmann Nov 30 '11 at 18:21

You may also want to check out the Google+ PHP Starter Project, which provides some configure and run code. One of the features demonstrated by this starter project is a list of your public activities.

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