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Is it correct use term "Challenge-response authentication" for Basic, Digest, NTLM and Kerberos authentication?

Is cookies/ASP.NET forms authentication is also a Challenge-response authentication?

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tl;dr: no, HTTP Basic is not challenge/response. Forms authentication is not challenge/response. I would simply refer to them as "HTTP authentication mechanisms".

Speaking very strictly, yes, they are all challenge response mechanisms. (In basic HTTP authentication or a web form, the "response" would be the user's password. With a cookie, some magic token would be the "response.") But realistically, nobody would ever actually call them that - when you talk about a "challenge/response" mechanism, this typically implies that the server provides a unique "challenge" that the client then can provide a unique "response" to. (Simple password authentication as in the case of HTTP Basic auth is obviously not unique.)

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