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Can anyone help me with this please?

I have 2 tables in the same view, the first one is a menu table and the second one is empty with a button in the nav bar to add new sections. So when you click the add button it adds a new section but empty. What I want to do is when you click a row in the first table it gets added in the second table in the section selected.

The problem is that I don't know how to select a section, I added a tap recognizer to the section with a view but I don't know how to know the index of that section. I tried adding a tag for the view in the header but if I have 2 sections the index of each one is 2, if I have 3 sections the index of the three sections is 3 =/.

Any ideas??
Thanks in advance XD

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I think your question is similar to one of the question posted on the site.

This is the link for it.

Tutorial on How to drag and drop item from UITableView to UITableView

Let me know if you are still unclear.

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