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I'm going to develop math model of trafics simulation and will need to somehow vizualise it. The model will be in C++

I'd like someone to recommend me how can I visualise the result data file - e.g. paint cars, road etc. Language choose is not important but should be easy enough to go into.

os: Win32

UPD: It'd better be the 2D not 3D but actually - doesn't matter

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Best quality and most general software I've seen is Graphviz.


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graphviz is awesome for rendering graphs - not sure it would do what is being asked for here though. –  Nerdtron Nov 30 '11 at 19:03

I've heard lots of good things about VTK (not yet had the occasion to use it myself).

The Wiki contains lots of C++ examples.

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Although I do not know how (or even if) it interfaces with C++ you may be interested in processing to quickly build visualizations.

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If you want more 2D than 3D and if you know C++, then using Qt and notably its Qt Graphics View framework could be ok.

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