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So I am trying to find a substring from a table that holds a bunch of folder paths. I am trying to get the substring that exists between "C:\Root\ IWantThisString \otherstuff". The problem with doing something like SUBSTRING(FilePath,9,CHARINDEX('\',FilePath,9) - 9) is that when I have a path that looks like "C:\Root\ IWantThisString" it returns an error because the charindex never finds a last '\' after "Root\" (because there is no third '\' in this case).

So is there an easy way to do something like this?

    IF (CHARINDEX('\',FilePath,9) = 0)
        CHARINDEX('\',FilePath,9) - 9
FROM Table

Or something like that?

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Ha! I found a ridiculously simple answer, I can just add a backslash to the end of each string. It works perfectly!

SELECT SUBSTRING(FilePath,9,(CHARINDEX('\',FilePath + '\',9) - 9))

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