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Is it possible to integrate a webkit engine in a java application.

Here is my thinking, I would like to implement my User Interface using javascript and business logic in Java and want to communicate back and forth between the js and java. I have looked at titanium and chromiumembedded. But i dont get the complete picture. Can anyone give me a good explanation of webkit being used in a standalone application.

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There are a few solutions, the main one being for SWT. See here for the SWT solution. There was a similar question here referring to SWING.

Edit: Oh my, I can't believe I forgot Lobo, a browser written in Java. More Specifically, their Browser API providers support for embedding. This seems to be the better solution for cross-platform and possibly stability. I'm not 100% sure on the first two solutions' development. Hope that provides some insight.

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JavaFX 2 has an embedded browser component based on Webkit. There is a tutorial provided by Oracle here.

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