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I'm working on a suggestions tool: When the user types a char into a text field, the char gets sent off to a script (using AJAX) and is checked on in a SQL DB. If any entries in the DB match the users input, they get returned.

But I'm stuck on actually going through the users input string;

I need to check all characters one-by-one with each row in the DB.

So i was thinking:

1.) get the char length of the string and put it into $string_count

2.) define $count=0;

3.) do a while loop and make it stop when $count reaches over or equal to $string_count.

4.) inside that while loop: do another while loop and use condition: $det=mysql_fetch_array()

5.) then i could get the data (name) from row 1, and do a check to see if its first char matches the users input first char (which i don't know how to do).

6.)If it contains the correct char in the correct position, add the ID to a string with a comma after ($possible.=$det['id'].",";)

7.) Add one to $count ($count++;) in the parent while loop.

7.) that loop will go on, on every row, but obviously changing char each time, until there are no more chars to check...

I just wrote all that up from the top of my head, and now I'm lost. I think its completely wrong and there is a much easier way to do it? but can you guys just tell me if im on the right track?

I need to know how to do a check on a certain char in a string. So for example:

$my_str="my name is nav nav";

now i want to get the forth char in that string (which is "n").

any suggestions?

Thanks guys.

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Can you clarify when you say, If any entries in the DB match the users input, they get returned. What do you mean by match? – Jose Vega Nov 30 '11 at 19:32
So if every char in the name of that entry matches the user input string in the correct order, then information (the id) from that row will be fetched and returned. – user849137 Nov 30 '11 at 20:19
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$my_str="my name is nav nav";

$charAt= $my_str{3};

echo $charAt;

//outputs n (strings are 0 indexed)

EDIT: Also wait until the user has input at least three characters and just do a database query using LIKE everytime:

SELECT * FROM example WHERE age LIKE '$userinput%'

(optimizing this is another story)

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I don't quite understand your approach, but here's what I would do...

If the length of the user string is past a certain threshold (3 characters for example), send off the entire user input string to the DB via AJAX.

On the server side, run SELECT * FROM example WHERE field LIKE CONCAT(?, '%'). The ? represents a bound parameter to ensure you don't suffer from SQL injection issues. (See PHP's PDO Docs for more info on prepared statements)

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