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I have

Mat *depthImage = new Mat(480, 640, CV_8UC1, Scalar::all(0));

And further in my code i do :

Mat image = *depthImage;

I do some opencv stuff with it and then i want to use cvBlob (so blob analysis). Though this function still uses IplImage and not Mat. So i wanted to convert them. I've read that i could just do this:

 IplImage *blobimg = image;

But it doesn't work, i get this error:

Semantic Issue: No viable conversion from 'cv::Mat' to 'IplImage *' (aka '_IplImage *')

Eventually i want to be able to use this function on the newley created IplImage

cvLabel(<#const IplImage *img#>, <#IplImage *imgOut#>, <#CvBlobs &blobs#>)

As you can see the conversion from Mat to IplImage is required. But it is not working. My question is how do i fix this ?

Thx in advance

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as you can see in my explanation i did that 'IplImage ipl_img =img' – Ojtwist Nov 30 '11 at 19:40
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As Martin Beckett says in the comments, the cheatsheet shows this solution. There is no conversion from cv::Mat to IplImage *, but there is a conversion from cv::Mat to IplImage.

Change the line

IplImage *blobimg = image;


IplImage blobimg = image;

and it should compile.

When calling cvLabel, pass the parameter like

cvLabel(&blobimg, ...);
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