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I need to sandbox Mozilla Firefox and it seems that write access is required for "~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/Extensions/" on Mac OS. I want to turn off this feature.

Is it possible somehow to disable access to "~/Library/Application\ Support/Mozilla/Extensions/", i.e in a way disabling access to global extensions. Perhaps a preference of some sort?

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For reference, this is the directory for externally installed extensions on Mac OS X. From what I can tell, the write access to this directory is very limited - Firefox is merely trying to ensure that this directory exists (and a failure is ok). After that it will accept any extensions installed in this directory but will not try to write to it.

As to disabling this functionality: the directories are determined by nsXREDirProvider.cpp, the only way to disable them there would be the --disable-system-extension-dirs compile option.

But XPIProvider.jsm where these directories are used has additional logic to decide which install scopes will be used, based on extensions.enabledScopes preference. This preference doesn't exist by default, it needs to be created as an integer. Setting it to 1 will leave only the profile directory as extension source, all global extension sources will be disabled (including XREUSysExt that you are asking about - that one falls into SCOPE_USER category).

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