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There are already two questions about F#/functional snippets.

However what I'm looking for here are useful snippets, little 'helper' functions that are reusable. Or obscure but nifty patterns that you can never quite remember.

Something like:

open System.IO

let rec visitor dir filter= 
    seq { yield! Directory.GetFiles(dir, filter)
          for subdir in Directory.GetDirectories(dir) do 
              yield! visitor subdir filter} 

I'd like to make this a kind of handy reference page. As such there will be no right answer, but hopefully lots of good ones.

EDIT Tomas Petricek has created a site specifically for F# snippets http://fssnip.net/.

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Please make it a community wiki. –  Brian May 7 '09 at 7:34

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Setting a record to null

type Foo = { x : int }
let inline retype (x:'a) : 'b = (# "" x : 'b #)
let f : Foo = retype null
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No need to get so fancy: let f : Foo = Unchecked.defaultof<_> –  kvb Oct 14 '10 at 1:16

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