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I'm running a .net web application and need to read data from xml files and put the data into cache. I need to check the files every five minutes. I'm considering what is best option. Should I start a thread in global.asax or create a HttpModule? Any tips appreciated.


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First of all, read this

After that I really recommend trying out Haackeds WebBackgrounder which can be found at

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I'll try it out, it seems like a good and safe approach, thnx – GoldnArms Dec 2 '11 at 9:58

Creating long running threads inside web application is not a good idea. Quite simple and effective aproach is to make a page, that will act as a entrypoint for your data reading code. Then simply add wget http://localhost/yourpage to the Task Scheduler with appropriate interval. wget will load your page and start import process.

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