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I am developing an app in Android. I would like to attach a database (created in C++) to my app Android that my Android app could read. In which format should I create this database with my C++ program?

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Android provides a built in SQLite database, which is used by the applications developed for it. The Android SDK provides a well-defined, easy-to-use API to this database, and as long as you don't have a real special need for your own database, I would suggest using it.

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Thanks for your answers guys!! – user1068115 Dec 1 '11 at 18:26

You might want to have a look at sqlite (

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SqlLite is the built-in database. Portable across Android, iPhone, HTML5 and just about every embedded system.

I take it that your question is how to create a database on a host computer (using C++) and transfer it to the Android App. If so, then have your C++ program create a SqlLite database on your host computer and then either package the database with the app, or download it into the App's data folder from a server.

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In your C++ program you can use C/C++ Interface For SQLite. Check out tutorial An Introduction To The SQLite C/C++ Interface.

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