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In CakePHP, I want to create a custom URL that points from my site to another site.

Example: would redirect to

I'm a self-taught CakePHP newcomer and just can't figure out the steps. From my homework, I think I can create a route to a controller/action in config/routes.php, but I don't the right terminology to create the action in the controller.

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What you need is something like:

Router::redirect('/posts/*', '', array('status' => 302));

This would redirect /posts/* to with a HTTP status of 302. See

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Using CakePHP HTML helper is your best bet.

echo $this->Html->link('Link Text Here', ';

If it's simple enough, you could just use straight HTML.

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If you want to redirect directly form controller to an external url the we can directly use


from our controller. It will redirect you to the mentioned address. This works perfectly fine.

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You don't want a "redirect", you want to create a hyperlink.

Use Cake's built-in Html helper.

In your controller...

var $helpers = array( 'Html' );

In your view...

echo $this->Html->link( 'Google link!', '' );

A "redirect" is commonly used to refer to redirecting the script on the server side. For example, after a user fills out a Contact form you may want to email yourself the details and then redirect the user to a "Success!" page with the following controller code

$this->redirect( '/contact/success' );
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I had this problem but solved it after reading this post. My problem was in the second parameter i did array('') where i should have just place ''; . Thanks your help !! – Max Doumit Nov 30 '12 at 22:05

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