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I tried to drag a JSplitPane from the Palette in NetBeans but it always shows up on my JPanel as two separate panes with left and right buttons on them.

I could not do anything with the buttons. They were not even components on the Pane. What is going on? How could you make it like normal empty two split panes with nothing one them?

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The buttons are just placeholders. First you resize the pane(including those buttons) to what size and position you desire. Then, just drag a JPanel (or any other component) from palette, and drop it on the any of the buttton. That button will be replaced by the JPanel (or component). Then you may do anything as you normally do with JPanel (or that component).

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How do you resize the damn thing. I can only resize the right-hand size panel. The left size is always the same. –  chx101 Apr 6 at 4:43

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