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I'm trying to set the textbox alignment depending on its content.

I have

= Replace(Fields!1_Text.Value, " " , chr(13) & CHR(10))

in value expression. Where should I put

  iif(fields!Allignment.Value = "C", "Center", "Right")

to align as coded?

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Try using an aggregate function, such as first(), around your fields:

Iif(First(Fields!Allignment.Value,"DataSet1") = "C","Center","Right")

(alignment is misspelled...)

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Where does "= Replace(Fields!1_Text.Value, " " , chr(13) & CHR(10))" go? I mean the Textbox should display the "1_Text.Value" and aligned by "Alignment.Value". Can you show an example? –  devphil Nov 30 '11 at 21:20
Glad you figured it out - I didn't realize you didn't know about the expression button - glad you found it! :) –  JHFB Dec 1 '11 at 17:42

I found the solution. Well, I didn't know that I could add an expression for the text alignment property. Steps are:

Textbox - go to Properties - "TextAlign" property - Expression

I could add an expression for "TextAlign" property like:

Iif(First(Fields!Allignment.Value,"DataSet1") = "C","Center","Right")


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