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There are many posts on SO about this ( respond_with redirect with notice flash message not working Why is :notice not showing after redirect in Rails 3, among others) , I've read at least 4 and still can't solve this issue.

I've got a portion of my site that lets people do some things before they create an account. I prefer this from a UX perspective. So they're allowed to do X and Y then they get redirected to the "Create account" page (uses Devise).

The redirect looks like:

if userIsNew 
  ... stow information in a cookie to be retrieved later ...     
  redirect_to "/flash", flash[:notice]  
    => "Ok, we'll get right on that after you sign up (we need your email)." 
      and return # this has to be here, since I'm terminating the action early

So "/flash" is a plain page that I made to test this. It doesn't do anything, has no markup of its own, just has the basic html from the application.html, which has this line in the body:

 <% if flash[:notice] %>
    <p><%= notice %></p>
 <% else %>
  No notice!
 <% end %>

It says 'No notice' every time.

I have tried:

  • adding in a flash.keep to my before_filter in the static controller
  • using :notice => instead of flash[:notice] =>
  • putting the notice in a cookie and pulling that text out of the cookie and into a flash in the before_filter of my application controller
  • redirect_to :back with the flash[:notice] =>
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It's either

flash[:notice] = 'blablabla'
redirect_to foo_url


redirect_to foo_url, notice: 'blablabla'

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But I've seen a ton of sample code out there that is flash[:notice] => –  jcollum Nov 30 '11 at 20:47
flash is some kind of an hash. You need to assign 'blablabla' to notice, right? To assign a value to a hash you do: hash[:key] = value. hash[:key] => value doesn't make sense to me. Since Rails 3, you can do redirect_to foo_url, :notice => 'blablabla' (or notice: 'blablabla' with the newest ruby syntax). You may mix up those two –  delba Nov 30 '11 at 20:59
jcollum: That "ton of sample code" is wrong. It's never, ever been flash[:notice] =>. If you can find an example it woudl help. –  Ryan Bigg Nov 30 '11 at 20:59
@RyanBigg yeah it looks like I was reading a sample that was using parens (odd in the Ruby world) and I was missing that there was a close paren on one line with a flash on the next. But I have seen a lot of sample code out there with :notice => –  jcollum Nov 30 '11 at 23:08
Also, I see now where I got the flash[:notice] => from -- my brain was munging up the ":flash => { :info => "Message" }" with the flash[:notice] = "Message". –  jcollum Nov 30 '11 at 23:44

I have been fighting with the same problem for some time and none of the posts seemed to help. It turns out that - like usually it happens - the the problem was in my code. I did have a "redirect_to" that I forgot about, which was clearing the flash.

Namely, "root_path" for me was served by the StaticPagesController's home method. "home" was doing some checks and then redirecting you to the user_path.

In my code I had in numerous places

 redirect_to root_path, :flash => {error: @error}

These redirects were never displaying the flash because my hidden "home" controller serving the "root_path" was making another redirect that cleared the flash.

Therefore my problem was solved when i added the "flash.keep" in my "home" controller method

  def home
    if current_user 
        @user = current_user
      redirect_to @user unless @user.no_role?
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I'm overriding ApplicationController#redirect_to to call flash.keep so that any messages are persisted on redirect without having to explicitly call flash.keep in my controller actions. Works well so far. Haven't had a scenario yet where unwanted messages are persisted.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  def redirect_to(*args)

Let me know if there are any scenarios where this isn't a good solution.

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I wish Rails would only remove messages if they have been displayed/accessed –  Luksurious Oct 10 '13 at 15:58

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