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    $('a.enlarge').click(function() {
            overlayClose: true,
            opacity: 50,
            minHeight: 462,
            minWidth: 656,
            overlayCss: {
                backgroundColor: '#fff'
            appendTo: '#the-media'

        return false;

<div id="modal-image" style="display:none">
   <img src="someimage.jpg" width="462" height="656" id="myImage" />

The image is 462px x 656px but simplemodal keeps scaling it to 620px x 656px. I tried adding the minheight and minwidth arguments to the js and the width and height attributes to the image tag and even this css:

#myImage { width: 462px !important; height: 656px !important; }

but none of this is working, the image keeps being resized my simplemodal. Anyway to prevent this? I rather have the modal lightbox show the original image height and width but scroll bars if its too big to fit in the modal.

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Simple modal also supports maxWidth and maxHeight according to the documentation, if you set those as well as minWidth and minHeight you should effectively be forcing the size of the modal.

I can't comment as to whether it automatically adds a scroll bar but you can target the element yourself in CSS and apply overflow:auto; to the image container element if it doesn't.

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no it still does it even after settings both min/max height/width to the same values. –  TK123 Nov 30 '11 at 21:05

From the documentation, it looks as though you're meant to apply your CSS using containerCss. Also, CSS properties in jQuery are usually wrapped up as strings.

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Phew, finally got it to work by adding this to the image tag:

<img src="someimage.jpg" width="462" height="656" style="width: 462px !important; height: 656px !important" />

Basically had to move the css inline, simple modal probably alters that styling to scale the images. Although when I looked at firebugs html tab I couldn't see any additional styles added by simple modal to the image tag which is why I was dumbfounded. So I'm still not sure why this works but it does, thought I post it in case anyone else is having the same issue.

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