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I am stuck with setting up my in-app purchases.

I can't get to get this right:

SKPayment *paymentRequest = [SKPayment paymentWithProduct: @""];

I got it from

SKPayment *paymentRequest = [SKPayment paymentWithProductIdentifiers: @""];

but this seems to be deprecated. How can I get the first piece of code to work?

It seems to nee a SKProduct but I don't know how to create/init such an object.

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According to the StoreKit docs and [1] you'd have to:

  1. Create an SKProductsRequest with your product identifiers (initWithProductIdentifiers:)
  2. Set yourself as the delegate
  3. Send this request to Apple (start method)
  4. The Response will call your delegates productsRequest:didReceiveResponse: which contains an SKProductsResponse object
  5. You extract the SKProduct objects from the products property and display them, saving the objects for further purchase.

This seems in line with Important: You must make a product request for a particular product identifier before allowing the user to purchase that product. Retrieving product information from the App Store ensures that you are using a valid product identifier for a product you have marked available for sale in iTunes Connect. from [1]


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